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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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|\CLineTes_halfedgeHalfedge class used by the LineTes class
|\CLineTesPolygonal tessellation of a bounded rectangular domain
| \CTTesselDynamic T-tessellation
oCCatItems< T >Storage structure for categorized items
oCCatItems< double >
oCEnergyEnergy of a Gibbsian random T-tessellation
oCFeaturesSet of vertex, edge, face and segment features
oCIVertexData about removal of an I-vertex
oCModifCountsData summarizing changes occuring through SMF iterations
oCTTessel::ModificationAbstract class representing a modification of a T-tessellation
|oCTTessel::FlipA flip that can be applied to a T-tessellation
|oCTTessel::MergeA merge that can be applied to a T-tessellation
|\CTTessel::SplitA split that can be applied to a T-tessellation
oCModListRepresentation of a modification to be applied to a line tessellation
oCPseudoLikDiscreteDiscrete approximation of the log-pseudolikelihood of a Gibbsian T-tessellation
|\CPLInferenceNOISPseudo-likelihood inference of a Gibsian T-tessellation with alternate updates
oCLineTes::SegSegment in a line tessellation
oCSMFChainMarkovian T-tessellation
 oCLineTes::Seg_listList of Seg objects
 oCLineTes::Seg_sublistSublist of Seg objects